Have you been to the Selfie Swag Cafe and checked out their super cool coffees which have selfies imprinted on top yet? Nope? Worry not, because they’re heading over to Delhi’s original food trucks festival Horn OK Please 3.0 and will be happily whipping up awesomeness there!

Here’s How It Works | Latte art, in its varied frothy designs, has been around forever, but this particular kiosk is quite the game changer! All you gotta do is order your favourite beverage, take a selfie and upload it on a link sent to you on your phone and that’s it, you have a selfie drink to sip! NICE!! 

Head on over to his super cool stall and get your star selfie printed on top and of course, Instagram away! Other than that, once you’re done sipping on your selfie coffee, head on over to the Dessert Zone for some yummy sweet treats and to the Waffle Mart for some scrumptious waffles! In addition, there’s the Kebab Lane awaiting your arrival and so is the Grub Campus, where most dishes are for under Rs 200! YAS! 

For those of you who aren’t coffee lovers, there’s also going to be beer vends for you to chug some good lager too! With all this and lots more, do NOT miss out on Horn OK Please - seeya there!

When | Friday - Sunday, 9th - 11th March 
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM 
Where | JLN Stadium, Gate No. 14
Buy Your Tickets Here | https://www.nearbuy.com/offer/delhi-ncr/pragati-vihar/Horn-OK-Please-Food-Truck-Festival-55761/55761 
RSVP On FB Here | https://www.facebook.com/events/794727764051293/

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