Come July and the busy train tracks of Delhi and Lucknow will be blessed with double decker AC trains! Sweet! 

In July, Indian Railways will launch a special double-decker, air-conditioned train service for overnight journeys on high-demand routes such as New Delhi-Lucknow, a senior Railway Ministry officer said. This train will not have sleeper berths but only AC chair car facilities. 

Every coach will be fully air-conditioned with a seating capacity of 120 people. Plus, these berths will also include hot food and beverage-vending machines! This train will be serving high density routes like Delhi-Lucknow, and the fares for the same will be a lot lesser than that of the 3AC class in regular mail and express trains despite providing greater and better amenities. 

We’re really looking forward to the launch of this new and interesting train!

Sourced Via ScoopWhoop