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This Japanese Bakery Has Popped Up In Delhi With Cigare Cookies Just In Time For Xmas!

One of Japan’s most famous bakeries has sauntered over to Delhi with their first ever outlet and we’re so excited to gorge on their yummy delicacies. They’ve just popped open at DLF Chanakya and we’re already making plans to head on over!

What’s New | Personally, we’re big fans of all things Japanese, and are enthralled by the simplicity of their products, so we’re really looking forward to going and gorging on some yummy cookies here. Taking our love affair with cookies very seriously, their menu includes Cigare Cookies, Chocolat Au Lait Cookies, Billet Aux Amandes Chocolat Cookies and lots more! 

It’s crazy to see how they transform a simple eggs, flour and butter combination into cookies so tender and scrumptious! <3 We’re heading over to DLF Chanakya right away to gorge on these! 

Where | Yoku Moku - DLF Chanakya, Chanakyapuri 
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/YokuMokuIndia/