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This Is So Cool: ICSE's Adding Harry Potter, Tintin & Asterix To Their Syllabus Now!

This just came in - the ICSE board is all set to introduce Harry Potter, Tintin and Asterix to their English syllabus! YAY! Good time to be in school all you kids, as now finally your English classes won’t be as boring as always, and instead super interesting with good characters to read all about.

As set in a report by The Times of India, The Council of School Certificate Examination (CISCE) has prescribed some of the most popular books - exhibit A Harry Potter- for junior and middle-school students while laying down a uniform syllabus for all schools to follow from the 2017-18 session. Popular graphic novels like Tintin, Asterix and Amar Chitra Katha are all set to lighten the mood as compared to the heavy and dramatic Shakespeare tomes that they've replaced.

Autobiographies will also feature interesting ones like The Diary Of Anne Frank and I Am Malala! Cool.

20017-18 session students, you’re pretty lucky guys! 

Sourced via The Times of India