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This Is Pawwsome! All The Animals At Delhi Zoo Will Get Birthday Celebrations

Picture Credits: Petworld

There’s some good news for animal lovers, all the animals that are born in the Delhi Zoo will now be greeted with a proper birthday celebration! YES! In an attempt to attract more visitors to the Delhi National Zoological Park, the zoo authorities have decided to celebrate birthdays of animals born in the premises. So cute! 

Everything starting from a naming ceremony to cake cutting, everything will be done for these cute little newborns. For these celebrations, the zoo authorities have decided to call school children to make the party even more fun! The kids will get to play a bunch of games as well as chill with the newborns. Awesome!

The Lucknow Zoo first started this tradition of celebrating birthdays of animals, and Delhi has followed suit.

Speaking about the matter, the zoo officials said it was important to treat these animals like family members and to demonstrate their importance to young children. 

The authorities have also made it public that they will soon start a toy train service, which was once a famous attraction at the facility but was discontinued.

We can’t wait for all this!

Sourced Via DNA India