Barney Stinson is famous for a bunch of things, especially for being a ladies man, but hey, this ‘legen-wait for it-dairy’ person made laser tag the super popular sport it is today! And thus, honouring the man himself, Delhi has a laser tag centre called Barney’s Den! NICE! 

They’ve got a bunch of levels, divided into Beginners, Intermediate and Experts, so depending on your capabilities, sign up for one with your buddies and get laser tagging! It’s a super fun game that needs to be enjoyed with your friends, so get your gang together and get going! Just like Barney, Ted and Marshall (HIMYM is the best show ever!) you guys should go battle it out as well! 

This place is designed for groups of 3-6 people only, so incase you have a bigger group, you’ll have to play in shifts! 

They’ve even got some special offers for ladies nights, so do stay tuned on their FB page for more deets! 

Where | Barney’s Den - 12, Second Floor, Hauz Khas Village
Check Out Their FB Page |
Call To Reserve Your Slots |
+91 8010 918 781