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This Is Happening: Odd-Even Is Coming Back To Delhi & It Starts Monday People

Delhiites listen up, the odd-even scheme is coming back and it’s to be implemented from the 13th of November! WOAH! 

In hopes that the city will quit being a gas chamber, and people will finally be free from coughing fits, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced that the mega odd-even rule will be back in action. Basically, since the air quality has plummeted to a new low, this is a last-ditch effort to get the same back in control.

How It’ll Work | In this scheme, what we’ll get to witness is that on alternative days, cars ending with number plates having odd and even numbers will be allowed out on the roads. Sounds fair enough, time to start booking cabs now guys! 

We’ll welcome whatever it takes to get us away from this pollution! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times