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This is Crazy Awesome! 21 Fools Offers Biodegradable Paper Products Embedded With Seeds

Could you ever imagine a paper giving birth to a plant? Sounds utterly bizarre, doesn't it? Shoving aside all your dismissive notions is 21 Fools that's conjured up a biodegradable paper embedded with seeds! Woah.

How It Works | This biodegradable paper is actually composed of waste cotton fabric and on planting it in the soil, it decomposes and lets the seeds germinate, blooming into flowers later on. 

They design various products out of this paper. These include greeting cards, coasters, bookmarks, wristbands and boxes, to name just a few.

A lovely concept where you can use the paper and then transform it into a cute plant. 21 Fools, you just managed to capture our imagination!

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