This Is A Lifesaver! DMRC Is Gonna Increase The Number Of Metro Trains By 45%

Life In Dilli Metro 29 Aug 2017

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In an attempt to reduce the major scrum at the metro stations across Delhi and in the metro trains themselves, DMRC is all set to increase the number of trains from the current 227 to 328 by March 2018! NICE!

Two upcoming corridors, Magenta and Pink Line are going to be commissioned in parts by October and are set to become fully functional by March 2018, which is how new trains will get added. This will further lead to reducing the pressure on the stations and trains as of now. 

Not only will the number of trains jump by 45%, 690 new coaches will also be added to the current 1,468.

Sounds pretty awesome to us! Can’t wait for this to happen now!! 

Sourced Via The Better Indian