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This Insta-Worthy Breakfast Tray For Rs 300 @ Social Comes Loaded With Bacon & Sausages!

‘Breakfast like a king’, is the one thing that we’ve all been taught always, and here’s a breakfast tray that will not only make you feel like a king, but kickstart your day right. Social Offline has some amazing breakfast tray options that will simply blow your mind when you get a load of the options and dishes included! 

Brekkie Like A Boss | They’ve got these specially curated breakfast trays that have a whole bunch of designated options to choose from. There’s The Hangover Special that’s got a Virgin Mary, eggs & bacon, virgin water, bananas and toast! YUM! Then they’ve got Harmeet’s Chic Breakfast where they’ll serve you muesli, cereal, an egg white omelette with multi grain toast. 

Up next is the slightly fancy Sid’s Very Posh Breakfast, then Kiran’s Big Apple Breakfast, Dhingra’s Punjabi Breakfast and lots more to go gaga over! They serve these breakfast trays with juice or coffee and honestly the helping is so massive that it’ll keep you full till lunch time at least! Come drop by!

Price For A Tray | Rs 300 Onwards 
Where | Social - HKV, Def Col, Gurugram & Other Outlets
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/SocialOffline