What if we told you that you can shop all the newest and trendiest clothes while you’re chilling at home and you don’t even have to move a limb for it? Sounds incredible, right? And no we’re not talking about all the websites that everyone’s been going crazy over, this is an Instagram page called Love Thrift Shop and they’ve got the nicest stuff, guys!! 

Shop the street from your couch! Their collection includes some of the most beautiful pieces you’ve ever come across. Kimonos, embroidered off-shoulder tops, Bohemian maxi dresses, midi skirts and so much more, and the best bit about this is that everything here is priced under Rs 599! *WHAAAA*

They’ve got super cute packaging as well, where they use eco-friendly paper and cloth and no plastic at all! So go ahead order some cute new dresses for yourself and flaunt away!

DM Them On Insta For Orders | https://www.instagram.com/lovethriftshop