This Insta Page Will Show You A Slice Of Colourful India You've Never Ever Seen Before

So Delhi 12 Dec 2017

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Photographs are the one thing that tell a story like no other. They’re living proof that things were once the way they were and can always become better. And we stumbled on an Instagram page that captures the emotions and lifestyle of people in such a poetic way that their images speak far louder than words! Check out Photographers Of India to be simply blown out of your mind! 

The People Behind The Handle | Two brothers, Akbar & Ali, have started this beautiful page and their contributions are commendable. They show you the part of India and the people of the country from a point of view that you would’ve never seen before. From people peering over from window seats of trains or peeping from behind tombs, from raging bulls to laughing kids, this page shows the innocence and true emotions of a person and place that are captured so perfectly that it’s amazing! 

The images here are contributed by a whole bunch of budding and established photographers from in and around the country and they’re simply mind-boggling! 

Travel the country with Photographers Of India and meet some great people through your Insta feed!

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