Pictuire Credits: whatdillieats

Breakfast for sure is the most important meal of the day and what can be better than a steaming hot plate of chole kulche for a true blue GOOD morning? If you feel us, then read on!

A Good Morning Indeed | Hidden in the lanes of Shrestha Vihar in East Delhi is this small food joint called Rampal Ke Chole Kulche, which dishes out mouth-watering Chole Kulche for ONLY 20 bucks! Awesome! 

So even if you’re broke AF, you can always manage a plate of filling chole kulche in the morning! So go kickstart your morning with this to-die-for plate of Chole Kulche! Happy eating!

Price | Rs 20
Where | Rampal Ke Chole Kulche - Shrestha Vihar