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This Funky Bar Is Dishing Out Lipsmacking Butterbeer With An LPG Cylinder For You Potterheads

Lord Of The Drinks Barrel House has been serving the Harry Potter-famous Butterbeer since a while now, but they’ve recently introduced a new version of this delightful drink. This one looks so yummy that it’ll totally make it worth your while to make that beer run to G-Town! 

Sugar & Spice | Enjoy a foaming mug of this popular wizarding beverage here which is made of vanilla flavoured vodka, honey whiskey *drooling*, beer, caramel syrup and a secret ingredient and is served cutely with a miniature LPG cylinder! NAICE

Now you can stop wishing for a visit to fictional Hogsmeade, and rather go check out Lord Of The Drinks Barrel House for some yummy magical foamy beer! Seeya there, wands in hand?!

Price Per Glass For Butterbeer | Rs 445 
Where | Lord Of The Drinks Barrel House - Sector 29, Gurgaon
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