Pet owners, how ‘bout we tell you that there’s a dog tiffin service run by some awesome sauce peeps? Now that’s something unheard of, isn’t it? Check it out!

Tiffin Service For Doggos! | Called Bruno’s Approved, these guys bring you legit doggo food to your doorstep for your furry friends. What can be better than this? And to top it all, they give FREE delivery within 4 km around Saket. Awesome! 

So the next time you chuck your plans because damn it, who’ll feed the dog, fret not and try this place out! Their menu has 4 types of meals - a Vegan Meal is priced at Rs 1,000; Chicken and Veggies at Rs 1,500; Chicken Veggies and Rice at Rs 1,200 and an Egg Meal at Rs 1,000. 

The basic ingredients for every meal are olive oil or coconut oil, turmeric and flaxseeds. These guys also give you same day delivery and are happy to customise meals for you as well! 

Healthy and filling food for our furries! What more can we ask for? Call ‘em up TODAY!

Meals Starting At | Rs 1,000
Call Them For Orders | +91 8368 082 243