Gaon is a relatively recent eatery that popped up in Saket, and is hut-themed (which we adore) plus offers a whole range of delicious Indian snacks and thalis and fairly reasonable prices. Here’s what we tried when we landed up here!

1. Lassi

The Lassi served at Gaon is delicately thick and mixed with just the right amount of sweetness, and needless to say, thoroughly refreshing! Come by here and defo start your meal with this one, folks!

Price | Rs 100

2. Sattu Cooler

This one’s a refreshing desi drink made from Sattu, which is available in two varieties - salted and sweet. Perfectly garnished with coriander and pudina, this drink is the perfect antidote to the unseasonably hot Feb afternoons we’ve been having!

Price | Rs 50

3. Pakoda Basket

Pyaaz Ka Pakoda, Sabudana Ka Pakoda, Aloo Ka Pakoda, Mix Pakoda - phew! This basket offers us 5 different types of mouth watering pakodas. And how can pakodas ever be served without chutney?! Which is why these guys offer zesty pudina chutney along with the tomato chutney and we loved every last morsel!

Price | Rs 120 (Per Basket)

4. Magadh Thali

Aloo Bhujiya Ki Sabzi, Chane Ki Sabzi, Little Chokha, Meetha Dal, Pithori Dal, Pudine Ki Chutney, Tamatar Ki Chutney, Dal Ki Puri, Chawal, Papad and Kheer - that’s Magadh Thali for you! Fair warning - order this one only if you’re really, REALLY hungry!

Price | Rs 300

5. Chicken Pakoda

Their Chicken Pakoda came perfectly crispy and crammed with juicy chicken chunks, and we’d say this dish is tailor-made for all the die-hard carnivores in town. At Rs 150 a plate, this one offers awesome bang for the buck.

Price | Rs 150

Gaon is the perfect ‘quick meal restaurant’ which’ll satisfy your hunger cravings at reasonable prices. Go check ‘em out!

Timings | 12 Noon - 11:30 PM
Location | Gaon - D-Block, Near Bikaner Sweets, Saket
Call Them | +91 9910 887 925
Here’s Their FB Page |