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This Cover Song Will Bring Back A Lot Of Nostalgia-Infused Memories Of Friends Found & Lost

We might have just celebrated Friendship Day with the best of our buddies, and yet when we came across this rendition of an old favourite that is often hailed as the epitome of good ol’ nostalgia-inspiring friendships, we couldn't simply keep it to ourselves, could we?

We’re Lovin’ It | This one is a classic, ‘Purani Jeans’ by Ali Haider, with its old world charm that’s still readily applicable today. Apt lyrics and music that makes you want to join in and croon, it’s a beaut! But you know what really makes it different? The voice behind the mic. This one’s a cover by Suryaveer, a solo artist who has performed on global stages and has made a name for himself in the industry.

Listen to this rendition and you’ll agree that his fresh voice transcends time and genres. We revisited our old friends through this song and we’re super glad we came across this gem. Listen to it and share it with all those mates who come to mind while you listen to it!

Amazing, isn’t it? We know!

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