To all ya Dilliwalas who’ve been swearing by the classic chai-sutta culture ‘cause uske bina din shuru ni hota, think again. Smoking is an addiction that doesn’t fade away with the blink of an eye, and so here we have a better way to kick the habit. Keep reading!

No Ash, No Tobacco = A Healthier You | With each cigarette that we smoke, we promise ourselves it’ll be the last one, but that never happens, right? If you’re nodding in a yes right now, then here’s a startup named Dampf Company who’s come up with a cooler and safer way to get rid of your smoking habit.   

These peeps claim that smoking vapes is 95% less harmful than cigarettes (based on studies by the UK Health Ministry) and e-cigs contain no ash and no tobacco which means lesser risk of cancer and no unwanted passive smoking. They also make sure that they don’t serve these vapes to people below 18 years *NAICE*. 

Also, if buying cigarettes have been digging a massive crater in your pocket - these lovelies also assert that vapes are comparatively economical if you calculate the monthly expenses *best of both worlds*. 

Go check them out!

Where | Dampf Company - K24/1, Opp to PVR Plaza, CP & M 33, Shop No. 3 , GK I
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