Stationery freaks, look what we’ve got you! We come across countless stationery stores daily, but how many eco-friendly stores have you seen? We found this awesome eco stationery store that uses biodegradable and organic substances, ensuring minimal harm to the environment. *Naice!*

Environment-Friendly Stationery | These people at BioQ have really upped their game when it comes to stationery. Not only do they provide us stationery freaks with lots of eco-friendly stuff, but also promise us the most exciting and creative products! 

Check out their Eco Polo pens which have only 24% plastic content, which is four times less than an ordinary pen! Wow! And then they have these bio grown pencils that have seeds attached at the end with the help of a capsule. So once the pencil is too short for use, instead of throwing it away, all you have to do is put it in a pot with soil and manure. You’ll soon see a plant germinating out of your pencil remains! So cool! And don’t miss out on their creative AF Bamboo Bold Pencil to boot! 

Go check it out now! 

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