Coffee lovers, we know how irresistible the mandatory early morning cup of cappuccino or latte is! And so we’ve got you this awesome place in Noida that does your coffee to perfection AND a lil surprise. Read on!

An Edible Spoon? Whaa?! | Coffee Bike in Noida is basically a mobile coffee shop with umpteen number of franchises all around the world. And these guys surely have upped their coffee game with this to-die-for Caramel Choco Latte which comes with an EDIBLE spoon! Yes, you heard us right, peeps! 

And this edible spoon looks just as mouth-watering (or probably a little more) as the Caramel Choco Latte does! And meanwhile, we’re literally DYING to taste this ah-mazing concoction of our fave coffee. 

Sprinkled with some coffee powder, we’re pretty sure that this dish tastes MUCH more toothsome than it looks. 

So keep your cameras at the ready ‘cause this cuppa defo deserves to be on your Instagram feed! And we’ll see you guys there, edible spoons in hand! 

Price | Rs 184
Where | Coffee-Bike - Unitech Info Space, B-Block, Sector 62, Noida
Timings | 8 AM - 11 PM
Call Them | +91 9717 197 513
Check Out Their FB Page |