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This Cafe Happily Lets You Order ANYTHING From Their Menu For Just 99 Bucks!

So let’s face it, as much as we love it, eating out kinda imbalances the equilibrium of our budget but we aren’t here to teach you how to manage your wallet, we’re here to introduce you to a place that’s pocket-friendly AF - Cafe 27!

The Pocket-Friendly Cafe | So the good people of Cafe 27 are running a Rs 99 menu that basically lets you order every single dish for just Rs 99! Yes, we aren’t kidding, these people *lord bless them* will let you order anything off their menu for just 99 bucks, so awesome isn’t it?! And as if that wasn’t LIT enough, these guys also host live music nights every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. NAICE!

Make a beeline straight to Cafe 27, ‘cause we have 99 problems and pocket-friendly food ain’t one!

Where | Cafe 27 - 26, Level 2, Kailash Colony Market, Kailash Colony
When | Everyday Single Day!
Timings | 12 Noon - 5 PM
Browse Through Their FB Page |