Maybe there’s lots not to like about monsoons in Delhi, the jams and potholes and mud caked roads etc. But there’s a lot more to love! The heightened greenery, the crisp wind and the food! Be it at home with pakodas and numerous other fried variants popping up at the table or the monsoon-special menus at our fave haunts, the monsoon twist is something we cannot get enough of!

Well, it so happens that a beloved place in West Delhi is doing just that! Hinglish: Cafe, Beach Bar in Pacific Mall with its beachy decor and colourful lighting and relaxed vibes has just launched their yummy Monsoon Menu that we can’t wait to dive into!

What’s In It | Get ready to savour some awesome dishes from around the world with this menu. It features some authentic, curated dishes that are surely gonna become your faves! With flavours ranging from Italian to local Indian dishes & sweet treats to satiate your cravings, it’s on our hit list!

Gotta Try This | We can’t keep calm unless we get a taste of Polla Cocciatore, Tuscan Minestrone, Rosemary Scented Lucknavi Mutton Seekh Leg Te Peg and Fruit Gateau besides many other dishes featured on the new menu!

Don’t wait, just head on over to grab a mouthful of these delectable cuisines ASAP. Catch ya there, then?

Meal For Two | Rs 1,600 (With Alcohol)
Where | Hinglish, Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden
Ring Ring | +91 9560 004 512
Check Out Their FB Page |