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With the pollution hitting alarming levels in town, we Dilliwallas are constantly on the lookout for ways to keep healthy. Gardening has always been a good way to keep the city green and for some much needed fresh air! But getting seeds, gardening tools and plants can be quite a task but why fear when we’re here, we found an online website that’s gonna be every gardener’s dream, cheggit! 

Online Store For Plants | NurseryLive is a cool website that lets you buy all types of gardening tools online! Yes peeps, no more going around the markets looking for plant seeds, pots or fertilizers, just go on this website and have them delivered to you in no time - so freakin cool! 

From office desk plants, fruits and flower seeds to pretty pots, bird houses and watering pots, you can literally find everything at this online store! So pick indoor plants, plants for your terrace, seasonal plants, flowering plants, low maintenance plants and MANY more here!

AND, you can also get 40% off and free shipping on purchases above Rs 399 *PERFECTION*!

So check out this website right now and get shopping for your type of plants and pots! 

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