Cancel all your vacation plans already, people, because we’ve got you something that’ll completely blow your mind! Don’t believe us? What if we tell you that you can ACTUALLY travel the world with your bestie AND get paid for it? *OMG What?!*

Dream Job Calling, Fellas! | This Icelandic airline called WOW Air is looking for a dynamic duo who can travel for 3 months, with all expenses paid, and create guides for around 38 destinations. AND, here’s the best part, you’ll actually be paid for this! *Woohoo!*

So here’s the deal. You and your bestie will have to travel to places like Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, New York and San Francisco and more (basically all our DREAM destinations) and you’ll be paid Rs 2.6 lakhs per month for it! *Oh. My. God.*

Now this is what we like to call our dream job! And to lay hands on this opportunity, you’ll have to win a contest that you can participate in via WOW Air’s website. And once you win it, then voila! Welcome to heaven! You’ll have to create travel guides by rating cities on various criteria like food, culture, nightlife, activities and more. And WOW Air will take care of ALL your expenses!

How do you apply? Simple. All you have to do is team up with your bestie and create a 2-minute travel guide video of the city where you live. Upload it on YouTube and label it as ‘WOW Air Travel Guide Application’ and submit it before 14th May. The results will be announced on the 18th of May. 

So waste no time and apply RN and who knows, you might have your own Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani moment! Don’t keep the dream job waiting! 

Deadline | Monday, 14th May
Apply For The Contest Here |