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This Affogato Trifle Loaded With Crushed Biscotti And Ice Cream Is Legit Christmas In A Cup


It’s that time of the year when everything warm brings joy to the heart and what’s better than a steaming cuppa joe? We love us some cookies along with our coffee, but when you combine the two together, your heart is bound to do the happy dance! Hear Hear, all the coffee addicts with a sweet tooth - this one is for y’all!

Bond Over Coffee | Coffee Bond, a li’l cafe located at multiple locations all over the city, dishes out this massive, overloaded Affogato Trifle which is straight outta our coffee dreams. With layers of crushed biscotti, cookies, ice cream, cream cheese and an espresso shot that tops it off, it’s like Christmas came early in a cup. Just looking at this one is giving us a major foodgasm!

While you’re here, you can munch on Three Dips Corn Chips, Mushroom Toasty Sandwich, Mangos and Berries Pancake, and more delish options that’ll go well with your cup. Call up your BFF and head over for a coffee date and spill some tea over mouth-watering delicacies!

P. S. You can thank us later.

Where | Coffee Bond - Uday Park, GK M-Block, Gurgaon & Other Outlets
Price | Rs 289
Check Out Their FB Page |