This Adorable New Bakery In Panchsheel Does Ah-Mazing Waffles & Cupcakes Galore

Dilli Glutton 25 Aug 2017

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There’s an all new bakery in Panchsheel and it’s got something that we all love, WAFFLES! YAY! *Does a little happy dance*

Ice Bakery in Panchsheel is all about delicious desserts and super cute decor. Their menu includes delicacies like macarons, brownies, cupcakes, mousse, desserts in cups, a huge variety of ice creams and so much more! 

But the one thing that we’re super excited to try out is their waffles! There’s a whole lot of toppings to choose from like the classic Nutella, Kit Kat, Oreos, marshmallows, fruit, nuts, ice creams and caramel popcorn! OMG! And this ain’t all, they’ve even got a crazy variety of flavours available in waffles. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or a cinnamon butter fan *OMG YES*, these guys will satiate all your cravings right away. 

So head on over and give this place a try, because hey, who doesn’t love some good dessert?!

Meal For Two | Rs 400
Where | Shop 2, Panchsheel Enclave Market, Panchsheel Enclave
Check Out Their FB Page |