Picture Credits: foodymoody102017

Can we ever say no to a delightful piece of choco truffle pastry? Or a bite or two (or many!) of an oh-so-yummy red velvet cake? If your answer is a firm NO, then hear us out! We’ve found this awesome sauce place for all your sweet cravings! 

Baking Up A Storm | With outlets in Gurgaon and Pitampura, Bake-A-Boo is truly a paradise for any person with a sweet tooth as it brings you a huge variety of eggless cakes and pastries! And if you’re looking for some chiller, thick shakes to beat the unbearable heat, say hello to Bake-A-Boo! 

Once here, do go in for their mouth-watering Choco Blueberry, Choco Mocha or Choco Marble Cake, and if this doesn’t float your boat, how ‘bout a Red Velvet pastry? And probably a Rose Faluda Shake or a Phirni Delight to go with it? *Drooling RN!* And their REALLY colourful decor is just like the cherry on top! 

Enjoy their delightful decor, sip on your Phirni Shake and have foodie binge!

Timings | 9 AM - 10 PM
Call Them | +91 9210 431 255
Meal For Two | Rs 200
Where | Bake-A-Boo - Gurgaon & Pitampura
Here’s Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/bakeraboo/