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Thirst Quenching Dispensers Called Water On Wheels Coming Up in Noida

Since there has been a dearth of clean drinking water, the Noida Authority has decided to install 25 water ATMs (mobile water dispensing machines) at the busiest crossings in the city.

How They'll Work | These water dispensers namely WOW (Water On Wheels) will give access to filtered water at 5 bucks per litre and Rs 2 per 250ml. You'll be able to use these by transacting via cash, prepaid cards or a mobile app. 

Addressing The Hygiene Factor | These machines will regularly evaluate the quality of water and if an impurity is detected the dispenser will switch off automatically.

Paper glasses will be available but if you're in need of more you'll have to carry your own bottle. The machine will purify water using reverse osmosis and at one point will hold around 300 litres of water.

We know just how important a necessity water is, especially in such weather! Looking forward to these water ATMs to be installed this June. 

Sourced Via Times Of India