To appease the inner child in you, Ctrl.Shift.Esc routinely organises killer mystery games; this time there's 'The Great Escape' that awaits you!

What's the story | In one scenario you've just checked into the Norman Bates' Motel and realized that you won't make it out alive and the only way out is to find out his secret (nice!). In the second scenario, your soul has been bound to slavery for eternity and you've got to find the deed to escape the pirates.

We've already got goosebumps just hearing this. Can you imagine being trapped in such a scenario? There's 2 scenarios, 2 teams and one objective. Go crack some codes, solve puzzles and earn your freedom!

Where | Ctrl.Shift.Esc, Sector 29, Gurgaon
When | 12th June
Timings | 5 PM Onwards
Charges | Rs 1,500 Per Head
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