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Think Tea Pancakes and Tea Sangria! Tea Trails Bistro is Now Open in CP

A hideout for the tea junkies giving tough competition to Chaayos, Tea Trails India has ventured into CP with an all new bistro. Every one of you who eats, sleeps and breathes tea needs to hop on over!  

All Things Tea | Their menu featuring a plethora of quirky tea variants includes Tea Pancakes, Burmese Tea Salad, Tea and Chickpea Salad, Tea Soup, Cranberry Iced Tea and Tea Sangria. Baffled and tempted at the same time? We know the feeling.

Apart from their great concoctions there's a special tea service section where you can try the finest teas from all around the world and their list of special teas is just never ending. 

While you're sipping on your favourite chai you can try out some good old Bun Maska, Paneer Bhurji Pav, Mumbai Masala Sandwich and Pan Fried Poha Cutlet besides lots more. 

A meal for two would cost you approximately Rs 650. Scram!!

Head On Over | 9, Scindia House, Opp N Block, CP