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These Aromatic, Natural Goodies By Raw Home Essentials Have Basically Stolen Our Hearts!

There’s a reason our nanis and dadis insisted on using a lot of natural products for our skin and hair and we totally get it now. Just look at their glowing skin peeking from under those wrinkles and strong hair coloured in silver that graces their crowns. Way past the peak of their youth, these ladies in our life still look amazing all thanks to their love for ‘nature’s goodness’.

We know, we know, in today’s fast paced world making that natural face pack or hair mask is too much of a task but how about we told you of someone who can make your life easy and your hair and face look flawless?

Check This Out | You gotta check out Raw Home Essentials’ products ‘cause we’ve come to swear by them! We recently got our hands on their aromatic, natural products and cannot stop gushing about how cool they are.

What We’re Lovin’ | You have to try their Nikhar Scrub made of rose petals, saffron, sandalwood and lots more which makes for a real exfoliating scrub! Their Gulab Jal is 100% natural with no preservatives and is totally vegan! *YAS* Their Feel Good Roll On smells so fresh and breezy, right out of the garden with notes of jojoba, rose, lavender, sandalwood and tuberose in it! *Major Loving* Their Oats Vanilla Shea Soap and Lavender Essential Oil are also must tries! 

Get your hands on these superb products and thank us later!

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