Being die-hard egg lovers, we decided to explore every nook and cranny in Noida serving egg-static dishes and that’s when we found ourselves in the IT hub, Sector 62, which boats of various famous street vendors dishing up yummy egg dishes to the hungry souls all around. 

These hawkers put up their kiosks along the inner lane of the sector and stretch up to a kilometre, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Here’s our top 6 vendors!

1. Anda Bhurji @ EggWale

Chopped tomatoes, onions, green chilies, garlic and ginger were pan fried in butter along with two eggs on the tawa and the mixture was vigorously stirred, ensuring there were no clumps - basically what we call a perfectly cooked dish!

Their Anda Bhurji was high on spices and served in a disposable bowl and garnished with chaat masala, this item is worth coming back here again and again!

Price | Rs 50

2. Egg Chowmein @ The Yellow Van

On one extreme corner of the market was this hidden gem popular for its delectable Egg Chowmein and egg fried rice. We went for the former where 4 eggs were whisked rigorously along with salt and pepper till the mix turned frothy, which was then sautéed along with boiled chowmein in a fry pan.

The essence of vinegar, soy sauce and oregano was absorbed by the evenly boiled noodles and cooked egg chunks, making the dish palatable and appetizing to the core!  

Price | Rs 80

3. Egg Half Fry @ Monu Di Gaddi

The highlight of the evening was this scrumptious Egg Half Fry that we tried from this small counter tucked between two vans in the lane. Two eggs were expertly fried on one end of the tawa in copious masses of butter and sprinkled with salt, red chilli powder and chopped onions before being served on a baked bread. 

The egg was decently fried and had a slight crisp with squishy yolk on the top. We wouldn’t shy away from saying that this was one of the best half fries we’ve had so far!

Price | Rs 50

4. Egg Maggi @ Sandwich King

This outlet was swarming with people because of their bestseller dish - the iconic Anda Maggi! We were amazed at the number of people opting for this item! Four whole eggs were whisked and cooked separately before chopping them into bits and later adding to the Maggi. The spiciness quotient was kept bland so as to compensate for the spices used in Maggi, making the dish a balanced and delicious one!

Price | Rs 90

5. Egg Parantha @ Sandwich King

Sandwich King is famous for its Egg Parantha where the half cooked parantha was filled with whisked eggs, cooked to perfection on the tawa and served with white butter and pickle. The spices were kept a tad higher so as to intensify the taste overall. However, our expectations were partially met as we expected the parantha to be a bit crispier. Though the taste, quantity and size was optimum, we felt it could have been better.

Price | Rs 120

6. Double Egg Roll @ Zaika Rolls

We ordered the basic Egg Roll where two eggs were beaten nicely before forming the layer on a chapati made of white flour. The filling of the roll consisted of pan fried onions, capsicums, tomatoes, cabbage and coriander with a hint of mint chutney and ketchup. Served with mayo, this perfectly cooked roll had us satiated to the core!

Price | Rs 40

All in all, these outlets serves as a one stop shop for that egglicious experience! Finding the lane is easy mostly ‘cause the aroma of yummy grub will guide you way towards it. Despite being located in a corporate hub, only selected kiosks are open all day, with most opening for business in the evenings post 5 PM. So if you’re craving yummy eggs, you now know the places to head to!

Location | Stellar IT Park, Sector 62, Noida