Planning to head to Janpath or Sarojini to shop for some pretty jewellery? Well, don’t! We mean, why go so far when you can shop for some unique and exclusive junk jewellery in Vaishali? 

A walk through the Vaishali market and we found these 5 impressive jewellery shops that didn’t just surprise us with their quirky designs but also their jaw droppingly law prices, check it out.

1. Pooja Cosmetics

Pooja Cosmetics, or as we like to call it, a mini bangle haven! This shop has a huge variety of bangles, starting from solid, colourful set of glass bangles to the big, shiny ones - they have it all. You can also find yourself the loveliest of maang tikkas, anklets and earrings here!

Location | Basement, R.K Tower, Sector 4

2. India Fashion Cube

This one is a haven for all the ornament lovers out there! You’d find everything from colourful latkans to pretty earpieces here *NAICE*. They have a separate window for all the heavy ear pieces and another one for artificial sets, so come prepared to be spoilt for choice. The whole shop keeps shining with its endless variety that starts at Rs 50! 

Location | Shop No A-4 Basement, R.K Tower, Sector 4

3. Shiva Fashion Inn

Once you go inside this shop, you won’t be coming out without a bag full of jewellery - no kidding! The shiny and dazzling display of beautiful jewellery sets and bangles will make you wanna have it all. So if you have a wedding coming up or just wanna splurge a little on accessories, then this place is where you need to head to! 

Location | Basement, R.K Tower, Sector 4

4. Unnamed Stall In Sector 4

If you have a shoestring budget, this store is your best bet! From pretty, long necklaces to fine-looking earrings, you’ll find it all here. This ordinary-looking stall has a RAD variety of ah-mazing junk jewellery, so all the jewellery-hoarders, you CANNOT miss out on this one!  

Location | SS TOWER, Sector 4 

5. Another Impressive Unnamed Stall 

This tiny lil stall is located amidst the main Vaishali market and is usually crowded with girls trying to pick out the best from the rest! The impressive collection and super-cheap prices here make this one of our fave junk jewellery places in town.   

Location | In front of SS TOWER, Sector 4

All set to hit these places these weekend? We sure are ‘cause a girl can never have enough earrings, guys!