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There's No Point Staying Hush About This - Silent Reading Meet's Celebrating Their 2nd Birthday With a Bang!

It's always interesting to meet different people with whom you can share your ideas and have a productive conversation with. But the issue is, it's not often that we come by such opportunities. Bid adieu to those exasperated sighs because the Silent Reading Meet is here to provide you with the chance to indulge in a fun session of reading and discussion.

This Sunday, the Silent Reading Meet is set to happen at Inniciio – The Innovator’s Library in Vishwas Nagar. If you haven't heard about the place yet, then we strongly suggest you take a look at it soon; the place has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the foremost abodes for the book lovers in Delhi. It all sounds so interesting, doesn’t it? Read on to know more!

A Little Background

The Silent Reading Meet is the vision of Pratibha, the organiser and host who started looking for excuses, around two years back, to go out and read in the open, in the serenity of the silence in the outside world. As much as we all know the parks in our city are infamous for rendezvous, she just wanted to get away from the love birds and surround herself with the varied worlds of literature and other literary enthusiasts. And lo and behold, the Silent Reading Meet was formed!

What They Do

The Silent Reading Meet organises monthly interactive sessions between book lovers, wherein they can first read in silence, and then have honest discussions amongst each other, which are devoid of any sort of judgement. Their favourite spots are open spaces like parks and lawns of Delhi, but when the heat or rains take over; they tiptoe their way inside cafes.

The Meet at Inniciio – The Innovator’s Library

This weekend marks the second anniversary for the Silent Reading Meet and they're celebrating it in their favourite style: an interactive meet-up. Anybody with love in their heart for books and reading can enjoy the group at Inniciio Library, indulge in discussions, take part in giveaways, have some cake and enjoy this event-cum-birthday party!

The itinerary includes a silent group reading session, which will be followed by a group discussion, wherein you can pour your hearts out. We know it's hard being understood for the affection you hold for books, and this event is here to provide you all the comfort you've ever sought.

The meet is also Inniciio’s first ever reading meet, which gives the event a distinct edge, for not only is the library one of the best libraries in the city, the innovative place and ambiance are more than welcoming to the bookworms that we are. (Psst, they also have free WiFi and are fully air conditioned, and who doesn’t like that!)

So go on, people, sign up today for this event and like the saying goes “do not judge a book by its cover”, the same goes for the Silent Reading Meet, for as the host tells us, they are quite the talkers during meets!

Where | Inniciio – The Innovator’s Library; 30/37, Street No. 9, 60 Futa Road, Vishwas Nagar
When | 24th July
Timings | 11 AM - 1 PM
Entry | Free