There's An Underwater Fest With Scuba Diving Hosted By Nikhil Chinapa Happening In Pune Y'All!

City Wire 29 Aug 2017

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India has been home to a variety of festivals, but this is a one of a kind Underwater Festival, which aims to make scuba diving a dream come true! WOAH! 

Taking place in Pune, this festival is all out crazy and oh boy are we excited for it! An underwater party for all swimmers as well as non-swimmers, this one is all about falling in love with the world of water while you groove to some good music! 

Not only this, they’ve also got some of Pune’s best food trucks there for your post swim munching session, plus they have an underwater photo booth, a photography exhibition and lots more to look forward to! 

You’ll learn how to scuba dive, play underwater hockey and try your hand at slacklining too. They’ve got a bunch of dive games as well, all taking place in a 15 feet deep pool which is for certified divers only! 

Not only this, hosted by Nikhil Chinapa, we’re sure this one will be tinged with some great music too! YAY!

So book your tickets to Pune soon Delhiites, ‘cause you just gotta attend this festival! 

When | Sunday, 10th September
Where | Finkick Adventures SCUBA Diving Center, Yerawada, Pune
Timing | 9 AM - 5 PM
Entry | Rs 1,950
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