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There's An Awesome BYOB Place In GTown Called The Friends Republic Villa And It Looks LIT!

Drinking in all the plush restaurants in town can be ridiculously expensive which is where the concept of BYOB is quite the blessing...think about it, you don't have to worry about spending wads of cash on all those cocktails or about your refills and so we bring to you the perfect place to get your *dranks* on here in GTown!

TFR Villa is another (but more premium) branch of The Friends Republic and it looks amazing with its open area, lush greenery, vibrant and colourful interiors (quite a refreshing change from all the ahaatas!). What's more, they're happy to host corporate meet-ups and parties with special rooms for families and meetings.

They have a vast variety of food too, to go with your choice of poison and there's even a paan outlet right next to it called Paan Singh, so you know where to go for your after-dinner fix!

So bring your own booze and let the party start!

Where | TFR Villa - Sector 72 A, Near Subhash Chowk, Gurugram
Call Them | +91 8295 111 442
Timings | 1 PM - 12 Midnight
Check Out Their FB Page |