There's A Secret Warehouse Party Happening Where Some Serious Vaping Is About To Go Down!

City Wire 5 Sept 2017

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Picture Credits: Luis Ruiz

Auster WIP, a US based curated marketplace that’s all about e-liquids is hitting Delhi with its first ever edition and they’ve got a, wait for it, secret warehouse party organised with a confluence of musicians and artists all planned out! WOAH!!!

Auster is basically an e-commerce platform for discerning vapers, and they’re giving you a marketplace that’s all about e-liquids. Closely associated with creative communities of musicians, artists, fashionistas and the like abroad, these guys are mirroring the same in Delhi! 

Music is one of the core elements here and it’s totally en-point, featuring Amsterdam producer Jarreau Vandal from the beat-focused Soulection imprint and rising Asian star and Seoul based selector Didi Han accompanied by local talents MadStarBase and Zokhuma. Nice!

The party is a complete secret and the location is hidden too! You’ll only get to know about it once you register and the date of the event draws near! 

So go ahead, register online and don’t miss out on this awesome party! 

When | Saturday, 9th September 
Where | You’ll Get To Know Once You Sign Up! 
Timing |
9 - 11 PM 
FB Event Deets |
Register Yourself Online Here |