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There's A Game Of Thrones Party Happening So Bring Your Valyrian Steel Swords Along!

Hey y’all, there’s a Game of Thrones themed party going down in the city and we’re pretty psyched ‘bout this one! It ain’t just a party - there’s some games also planned out so this is gonna be an activity filled night for all GoT fans! 

Dishin’ The Deets | The deal here is that as soon as you enter, you’ll be given a house that you’ll be competing for. This will simply be decided on the basis of luck and to familiarize you with your house members, there will be peppy ice breaking sessions. Nice! Post this, there will be a battle for the throne that will consist of 4 rounds, at the end of which the ruling house will take over the Seven Kingdoms! SWEET! 

And since a GoT themed party is simply incomplete without watching the series, these guys will be showcasing reruns of previous seasons too! Plus, there’s going to be unlimited food to keep the party going, so do not miss out on it at any cost if you call yourself a GoT fan! Valar Morghulis.

When | Saturday, 23rd December 
Where | CoHo - Sushant Lok Villa, Gurugram 
Timings | 6 - 9 PM 
Entry | Rs 500
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