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A Cafe Called Mogambo Khush Hua in NSP That Dishes up Crazy Varieties of Momos

Picture Credits: Dillikabhukkad

Located in a little colony in Netaji Subhash Place, Mugambo Khush Hua is a cafe that deals in our fav food - momos (yummy!). As quirky as the name is, their menu lives up to it!

Momo-Nation | They have a big variety of momos, from the original steamed to pan fried, crunchy fried, tandoori, and salsa momos! Under these categories, they have some funky flavours too like basic vegetable, cheese and vegetable, soya, egg, chicken cheese, chilli chicken and the most innovative one - pizza momos! 

They’ve got a dish called the Anda Crunchy Momos which looks super unique and delicious and it's just for Rs 120! Awesome.

Momos have always been a crowd favourite and especially when they’re available in such innovative flavours. We’re looking forward to trying these yummy delights out, how about you?

Meal For Two | Rs 150
Where | G-45, Aggarwal Cyber Plaza, Netaji Subhash Place