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There's A 1 + 1 On The Entire Bar Menu @ House Of Tigers So You Can Chug Away!

Weekdays are chaotic, hectic, mind-numbing and in short - total HELL! We work and work and work throughout the week only to party hard on the weekend, but not anymore! The lovely people at House of Tigers are out to make our weekdays great and here’s how!  

Happy Hours To Make You Happy | House of Tigers is handing out 1+1 on their entire bar menu from Monday to Thursday and we couldn’t have asked for a better deal! We mean, what could be better than getting two drinks while you just pay for one? Nothing! Aaaand, they also have a special deal for all the imported drinks as well - you can get 1 drink free with every 2 that you order *NAICE*.  

So make sure you’re there ‘cause the week suddenly looks so much better! 

When | Monday - Thursday 
Where | House Of Tigers - 2nd Floor, M-18, M Block, GK I
Timings | 11 AM - 9 PM
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