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The Yellow Hanger's Awesome Collection of Quirky Apparel & Accessories is to Die For!

The Yellow Hanger is your premium holiday clothing and accessories label! Whether you’re looking for something for your weekend getaway or a month-long vacation, The Yellow Hanger’s hangers have got you covered! They’re dedicated towards creating the most beautiful pieces for your upcoming travel adventure.

Not just limited to travelling, their clothing is beautiful and quirky for everyday wear too! They bring international and national designers together to make things easier for the us shopaholics.

What’s in Store | They have a fab collection of day and night dresses, floral and silhouette tops as well as funky shorts, skirts and pants. Plus, their collection of polyester sleepwear is to die for! Sweet dreams indeed! They have a chic line of accessories too, including body chains, hand pieces, earrings and necklaces.

Their crop tops start from Rs 700 onwards.

Next time you’re travelling somewhere or just in the mood for basic retail therapy, check out their collection. Are you ready to make them your travel buddy? We already did!

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