So Delhi

The World's FIRST Tequila Beer Has Just Washed Ashore In Delhi & We Can't Wait To Chug!

Delhi’s recently been home to various international beer brands, and right when we thought we’ve reached the peak,  Desperados just tooted its way to Delhi. The world’s first tequila beer has finally made its way into town and we’re so looking forward to getting drunk on it! 

Based in the UK, it’s made its way to India after 20 years. This beer is said to be a combination of full-bodied lager with the kick of tequila infused in it! Nice! It’s very light on the tummy and has a taste profile that is slightly spicy and lemony at the same time. 

Desperados has been the beer that’s loved by people all over the world. Whether in UK or in UAE, Desperados has been the tipple that we make sure that we sip on, on our visits! 

Finally with this now being available in Delhi, we can’t wait to get drunk on it at our fav bars! 

Stay tuned to know where all it’s available guys! 

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