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4 Dishes That You Must Nosh On When In Old Delhi’s First Café And Lounge

Old Delhi, despite its extremely crowded and dilapidated milieu, has always served as the symbolic heart of the metropolitan Delhi. No matter how advanced the city and the people get, there’s always that connection with the past that one feels when walking through the narrow winding lanes of old Delhi.

The cramped market spaces, shopkeepers trading in various commodities in their shops; big and tiny, the rickshaws, the pedestrians, along with lazy street dogs, the hurly-burly of old Delhi has an allure of its own. But even in the chaos of this ancient walled city, that’s in constant flux, people find a way to fill the age-old, with the new.

In the claustrophobic backdrop of neighbouring mosques and derelict buildings, The Walled City is old Delhi’s first café and lounge. The Nawab House, a 200 years old heritage property, is one of the biggest Havelis in old Delhi and now also houses The Walled City Café & Lounge.

The ambience of the place screams with majestic charm. The first-floor island, though rooted in traditional elements of architecture, also has a dash of that modish vibe. With beautiful creepers growing up the bright, bricked walls of the café, the open courtyard with an array of terraces and balconies will give you the typical old Delhi mansion feels.

The outdoor seating, with vibrant tables and chairs laid out in the balconies, under an open sky, will make you want to spend an entire day just sitting here and watching the birds fill the sky with life while it changes colour as the sun goes down. There are two indoor rooms for seating as well, the tinted windows add a whole another appeal to the buildings.

Now now, that’s not all to savour here though, they have an elaborate menu filled with choices that’ll make you salivate once you’ve opened it. Whether you’re super hungry and in need of some wholesome food, or just in the mood of something light, The Walled City has you all covered.

Featuring some of the best food from the Mughlai cuisine, it also has a variety of food choices from Continental, Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines! From delicious finger food and typical café-style continental dishes to authentic North-Indian mains, it was tough to decide what to choose.

What’s sad is that they didn’t really have desserts on their menu but to be fair, they do have a great variety of milkshakes, and out of those, some of them pose as perfect dessert fill-ins.

1. Ferrero Rocher Shake & Nutella Peanut Butter Shake

Out of these, we got our hands on the Ferrero Rocher Shake and the Nutella Peanut Butter shake. Although they sound heavy, they didn’t fill up our tummies and were absolutely devouring! The chocolaty and Hazelnut flavour of the Ferrero Rocher came out brilliantly and made us weak in the knees.

Whereas the Nutella Peanut Butter shake, though a little too sweet, made our taste buds dance with all the goodness of its flavours.

2. Angara Chicken

Going for what’s popular, Angara Chicken; which can also be switched to Mutton, stood out for us. We paired our dish with plain tandoori rotis and we couldn’t have been more delighted. Despite the warning given to us that this’ll be a spicy dish, we told them to make no changes, and bring it on.

What we got was a drool-inducing, thick gravy, where the marriage of various Indian spices tickled our every taste bud. And the chicken was beautifully cooked. Although, we have to say that they could have refrained from making the dish too oily.

The Tandoori Roti Breads were sweet, soft and satisfying. Also, the dish wasn’t too hot for us, but If this is what they call spicy, we dig this kind of spicy. This is surely a must-try!

3. Tandoori Chicken Pizza

Who can ever say no to pizzas? Not us. We had to order one! Knowing the fact that since they’re situated at old Delhi, they’ll no doubt be adept at all their tandoori and Mughlai dishes. It’s not like we’ve never tasted one before, but we needed to see how they do it. And boy, we sure did. The size of the pizza did all the justice to how equally good-looking it was. Generously topped with cheese and smoked tandoori chicken chunks, even the crust was fresh and crisp in all the right ways. We couldn’t wait to dig in. They also have more such interesting choices of Pizzas. Pizza-lovers, what are you even waiting for!

4. Sajawati Chicken & Lamb Roll

Next, we ordered was the Sajawati Chicken and Lamb roll. Yes, a humble amount of both rolled up in a gorgeous, plump roll cut in half and wrapped into silver foils. The oozing goodness made us go gaga over these cuties and we highly recommend you try these when you’re not really in the mood of something wholesome and proper but hungry as hell.

Unwind a busy day with great food, meet up with friends for chit-chat over drinks and hookah, or maybe even dine in alone with a great book and spend some me-time on the swings laid out on the terrace of this beautiful café. Walk-in after sundown to see the colourful tinted lamps fill the place with life. The place is equally suited for a day as well as a nighttime visit.

Although one of the few drawbacks would be it’s location as it is tucked inside a narrow lane, which is aligned with mechanical shops, you’d probably even doubt if you’re heading the right way or not. 

The Walled City, not only offers a gluttonous escapade, but a space to loosen up and relax, filled with all the good vibes, right at the heart of old Delhi.

Where | The Walled City - 898, Jama Masjid
Meal For Two | Rs 700
Timings | 12:30 PM - 12 Midnight
Call Them | +91 9999 036 680
Check Out Their FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/walledcitycafe/

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