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The Trendiest Store For The Modern Gentleman - Here's 'Life In Slow Motion'

Life In Slow Motion is India’s trendiest online store for men’s fashion accessories. They have the most unique and stylish products for the modern gentleman we've come across yet!

What’s in Store | Polka dots and pinstripped ties, funky 8-ball cufflinks, floral lapel pins, tie pins, collar bars, floral pocket squares, they have them all! Plus, they've got the cutest bow ties in pastel shades, both plain and with polka dots. Their collection of bracelets and key rings is also fab!

If you’re looking for gifting purposes, then these guys have a variety of gifting combos too! Gift packs including a tie, a lapel pin and a pocket square that'll set you back by Rs 2,799.

If you love funky polka-dotted socks then boys you have to check their store out! For the dapper men out there, sir, we’ve just found you your new BFF! 

Where | Yashodhara, 76 Khan Market
Check Out Their Website |