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The Tickets For The Spectacular Auto Expo 2018 Are Up For Grabs People So Get In There!

Guys, the much awaited tickets for Auto Expo 2018 are out and we’re pretty stoked to go check it out already! It’s happening from the 9th - 14th of February next year, so now’s when you start marking your calendar.

Asia’s largest, and the world’s second largest automobile event, this edition is going to be so LIT! 

All About The Event | For all those motor vehicle enthusiasts, this is the one event that’s awaited all year and the tickets are OUT! Mega companies like General Motors, BMW, Honda, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Audi and a lot more are going to put on a motor-show that’ll make you want to hop in and drive away! Maruti Suzuki Swift is slated for launch in 2018, and it’s being speculated in automobile circles that the brand may launch it during the motor show next year *fingers crossed*.

We’re booking our tickets right away! What about you?! 

When | 9th - 14th February, 2018
Timings | 1 - 6 PM
Where | India Expo Mart, Greater Noida
Entry | Rs 750 (Business Hour) & Rs 350 (General Public Hours)   
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