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The Tawa Soya Chaap Here In Def Col Is A Buttery & Creamy Delight For Just 180 Bucks

Are you up for some yummy North Indian grub? Then Chawnsan Chef is your one and only go-to! YAS! They’ve got two outlets in the city from where they also do home deliveries, but the Defence Colony outlet has a little seating area too, in case you’re in the mood for a dine-in kinda scene. 

What The Hype’s All About | They’re known for their Reshmi Kebabs, Paneer Tikkas and rolls, but the one thing that we loved the most here is their Tawa Soya Chaap. The gravy was a winner from the very first spoonful! Creamy and buttery with the perfect consistency, this dish was divine! They’ve got chunks of soya in it, which are cooked to perfection on the tawa and are slightly on the chewy side. Try it out with their Tandoori Roti and your taste buds are in for a desi treat!

Their kebabs and rolls are a win win too, so go ahead and order some up whenever you’re not in the mood to cook but are craving some meaty delights! 

Price | Rs 180
Where | Chawnsan Chef - 108 & 126, Flyover Market, Defence Colony
Call For Orders | +91 9810 011 221
Check Out Their FB Page |