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The Super Talented DU Girls Of SIDRA Showcase Some Amazing & Beautiful Art!

Talent is a gift and hard work is all about nurturing that gift! We saw a major chunk of this talent in these 5 girls who are heading their very own wall art brand called SIDRA! 

A group of five super creative art geeks with an aim to break walls with art, these girls are doing a fabulous job at what they’re doing! The girls, Ishani, Ravpreet, Shreoshi, Aadya and Dhruvika are all in their early 20’s and studying in Delhi University as of now and it’s their love for art that’s brought them together to add a little sparkle to Delhi's mundane walls! 

Their Inspiring Work | These five talented girls have done various large scale artworks and installations in the past ranging from Van Gogh's Starry Night on 20 canvases (4ftx4ft) each, to geometrical 3D designs, from canvas tiling to typography on walls. 

Each one of them has a unique style which is what makes them stand apart and makes their team so unique! 

At the moment they're working on a wall art project for So Delhi in our brand new office and we’re super excited to see how it’ll pan out! This particular piece of art is every bit quirky and showcases Dilli in totality from the delicious food to the shopping, the multi-cultural people, the heritage aspect and even Delhi's idiosyncrasies! 

Their bubbling nature and positive vibes have made us a fan of theirs already! 

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