The Super Popular Dessertarian Fest Is Back For Their 2nd Edition & Here's When And Where!

City Wire 5 Sept 2017

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Dessertarian Fest debuted in March with their first ever edition and they’re back with a bang for their 2nd one! YASS! They just announced the dates, and this time it’s happening during the perfect food-fest month - 15th - 17th December! 

For all you incorrigible sweet-tooths, this happy-nappy event is for you and only you! With the right kind of goodies to satiate your taste buds, The Dessertarian Fest shall bring to you some finger licking treats and desserts like never before. 

 Allowing people to explore a wide range of unique desserts, the extravaganza shall welcome Delhi & NCR’s very best restaurants and bakeries, upcoming home-bakers and various other assorted vendors - et al, under one roof! *What, wow*

We can’t wait to find out and share all the other deets with you guys, so stay tuned ‘cause this event is gonna be bigger, better and sweeter! *Yay*

When | 15th - 17th December
Timings | 12 Noon Onwards
Where | Select CITYWALK, Saket 
Entry | Free
Check Out Their FB Page |