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The Slowly Fading Nirula's Is Getting A Makeover With An All New Outlet In HKV!

Nirula's is a fast food joint in Delhi that’s been loved for decades as it's been a core part of everyone's childhood! But lately we were noticing that they were fading away from the fast food market scene and honestly it did get us a lil’ sad. 

But now if you’ll pay attention, all of a sudden there’s a bunch of new outlets popping up in every nook and corner in town so yay to that! 

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Nirula’s is all set to get back in the game with their new outlets and an all new revamped menu! They’ve got the old menu still intact with the staples like Hot Chocolate Fudge, Pizzas, Burgers and their wide variety of ice creams! But there’s also some newbies crawling in like Spring Rolls and a good variety of sandwiches that we just can’t wait to go try!

We’ve spotted a new outlet at Hauz Khas Village till now, but do let us know if you see any too! 

Meal For Two | Rs 500
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