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The Scorching, Unrelenting Heat Getting to You? Grab Your Swimsuit & Head to Oysters Beach Park!

While all Delhiites are proud of Delhi, one thing we often rue upon is the fact that it is a land locked city. While one may not agree openly, a lot of us are envious of the beaches of Goa but fret not because the Oysters Beach is here and everyone in NCR can head to Gurgaon for a day of watersports and lazy sunbathing (when the weather permits of course!) 

A Complete Family Destination

The entire park has been designed to provide a wholesome family entertainment. As we enter through the gates, we first encounter the gaming zone, mostly frequented by children and young adults. It is followed by the plaza area where there is a food court and enough open space that also hosts various events including musical nights during the weekends featuring celebrity DJs and performers. The entry is free upto this point. Beyond the walls of the plaza lies the actual water world for which one needs to have a ticket. 

A Make Believe World

Keeping the convenience and ease of visitors in mind, easily affordable swimwear has also been made available at the plaza so that no one misses out on all the fun! Even photography services are available if you want to get yourself clicked having fun. Once you enter the park, you are quickly mesmerized by azure waters and giddying rides. 

However, the prime attraction is the stretch that has been designed to look like a real beach. There are cabanas spread across the shore and there is a mechanized system to ensure high and low tides. The high tide comes after a fixed interval and gives you a feel of real ocean waves and so this area is aptly named Wave Pool.

Out of the many rides, immediately noticeable is the one called Skyfall which is among the tallest in the country at more than 90 meters. On the other hand the one called “Oh My Gurgaon” includes a long, circuitous route that makes you turn 360 degrees before you reach ground. There is a less extreme ride called pirate station for kids and then there is the “Lazy River” where you can just float around and relax. There is a large dance floor too, with water sprinkling down from the top, giving you a complete feel of a rain dance. 

A Sumptuous Buffet

Oysters Beach has taken special care to ensure that all types of taste buds are satisfied. The food court at the plaza has several stalls offering everything from Seafood to North Indian and South Indian cuisine. 

However, those who opt for rides are also treated to a sumptuous buffet with a wide array of options. The menu changes every day and we had a good time indulging in their Broccoli Soup, Fried Rice and Chinese Vegetables however the highlight were the desserts with Carrot Cakes, Blueberry Tart and Vanilla Ice cream with a sprinkling of Kiwi essence. 

The restaurant at the ride area has been divided into two parts. The upper one is called the “High Tide” but more interesting is the “Low Tide” because one can see the water levels increasing and decreasing from here through the glass windows. 

The area is dotted with several cabanas where friends & families can gather more privacy.

Locating Oysters Beach

Locating the park is very easy as it is located just behind the HUDA City Center metro station. In fact it is visible from the metro itself as it approaches the station. In case there is confusion, one can ask for the directions to “Appu Ghar” which used to be its previous avatar before the beach came up.